Taking theater to another level making dreams come true - C.J.A Productions 2015 Comcast I4E Entrepreneur Innovation Winner

Creating Dreams Through Theater

C.J.A productions presents - The we got talent playwright, and starving artist talent competition this is a two part new competition for upcoming playwrights, and starving artists. Inspired by many of today’s reality shows. Starving artists will audition in multiple categories to earn a position on one of the playwright teams.


Two upcoming playwrights will compete against an original C.J.A production in this playwright competition by scouting for talent in the competition. Playwrights contestants must find their talent through this contest and then compete for the grand prize.

Are you a playwright or a starving artist? Do you have a special unique talent or are you good behind the scenes? Maybe your good with technology be a part of this new talent competition. Simple click the application link and complete the form. We are now currently holding interviews for all talents. Playwrights must also complete an interview form, and send a synopsis of your original production. All production categories are welcomed comedies, dramas, suspense, musicals, gospel, and etc.