Introducing C.J.A Productions

The we got talent playwright, and starving artists competition



We are a theater company that is focused on building dreams, and creating jobs through our productions. Our productions are original stories told through theater arts. Our mission is to take today's technology in combination with screenplays, & live stage performances to create an awesome unique interactive theater experience. Our company provides opportunity for those who are chasing their dreams in entertainment. There are so many talented people that strives very hard to achieve their dreams, but never get an opportunity, and our goal is to open doors for those individuals.


Inspired by today's reality shows we created our very own reality competition for upcoming playwrights, and starving artists. The we got talent playwright and starving artists contest is an unique two-part competition. We are looking for upcoming playwrights, and those with talent. singers, dancers, musicians, actors, directors, stage managers, photographers, video tech's. makeup/hair stylist, lighting\sound tech's, music engineers, and much more. You never know what we are looking for what ever your talent may be. (entertainers of genre) for our very own TV reality competition show. 


Unlike the TV shows you see today we our offering multiple artists opportunity in establishing their dream. This is not just a competition it's also an educational opportunity towards dream jobs, and careers that can take many people a long way. All finalist will be able to earn a spot in one of the competing productions. See details to apply auditions will run until all positions are filled.